From 8.30am on Friday 8 September, 5,000 excellent stalls and dress circle seats – priced at £20 – will be released across all performances of Sunset Boulevard.

These tickets are exclusively for under 30s, key workers and those receiving government benefits, as part of The Jamie Lloyd Company’s commitment to accessibility.

Please note: ID will be required upon arrival at the theatre to permit entry. Please have this ready to present to venue staff.

All 5,000 tickets will be released on Friday 8 September and will only be purchasable via the special link below.




Who is eligible to book these tickets?

These seats can be booked if you (and your theatre companions) are:

  • aged 30 or under; or
  • a key worker (including NHS employees, emergency services, teachers, social workers and those involved in food production, processing, distribution, sale and delivery) ; or
  • currently receiving government benefits (including Universal Credit, Job Seekers Allowance and Employment and Support Allowance)

How do you physically book these tickets?

These £20 seats are only discoverable via the special booking button that will appear on this page. They will not be visible on the ordinary ATG Tickets show page, or bookable through any third-party agent (eg. TodayTix).

How many tickets can I book?

Those who successfully make it through the queue can purchase a maximum of 2 tickets. Please bear in mind that, if neither you or your companion are a key worker or benefit recipient, both people attending will require ID verifying that they are under 30.

If I book multiple tickets, does everyone need to be eligible and have valid ID?

If a key worker or benefit recipient is attending, their companion will not need to be eligible themselves or show any ID of their own. If neither you or your companion are key workers or benefit recipients (and what makes you eligible is your age), you will need to attend with someone who is also under 30 and can also produce valid ID. 

I am not eligible to purchase these seats. Are there other ways to buy tickets at a similar price?

Tickets from £20 are available for all via the normal box office channels. Please check availability (particularly in the Balcony level) to purchase seats at this price. The £20 initiative described above (ring-fenced seats for underrepresented audience members) is part of a specific commitment to audience development.


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